povera – #4 series of works

6 BOARDS 35 x 35 cm


Atelier SantoIsidro

Travessa Santo Isidro n°104, garagem B – Porto, Portugal

img_7936 copiaimg_7947 copiaimg_7932 copiaimg_7952 copiaimg_7934 copia


“Povera” is the name of a series of artistic works characterized by a minimal appearance, pure, raw and “poor”.
All the pieces belonging to the “Povera” series have been produced using “second hand” materials, scraps, remains and found objects.

These include basic construction materials such as plaster, cement, sand, but also stone, paper and canvas.
The use of these “poor” materials justifies the will expressed by the artist to return to a form of simplicity and materiality, opposing the ephemeral, not tangible and fleeting nature of the elements that compose our everyday life.

Importance is given to materials that by nature remain and resist over time, which last and manifest themselves through the complexity of their texture. Although the material is seemingly static, it becomes animated through a process of decay and entropy.

The chosen format is predominantly two- dimensional, accessible and frontal. The pieces vary between 30 cm to 200 cm in size, with a range of thicknesses.


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