Drawing on copper 70 x 100 cm,

3 pieces of red wood,

3 metallic flowers.

March 2019

34219IMG_7196Collective exhibition “Pentagona”

They are five. They are women, artists, black, white, strangers in the city. They come from distant places and inhabit today a same neighborhood. They form an interlacing of voices, more or less timid. A tangle of bodies, guts ambitions. They speak about identity, memory, exoticization, inconstancy, obstacles, ruptures, growth. What they are and what they say blends in with what they do. They mold, scrape, collect, research, draw, compose, experiment. They make artistic practice a place of questioning, affirmation and also celebration. Standing. A political way of doing. A poetic way of living. They build, rebuild and destroy worlds, images and materials. Like who unties the knots, just for the pleasure of being able to bind them again.

Pentagona opens simultaneously to the launch of the first Podcast series of the Interstruct Collective where they are interviewed. With this series we want to recognize diverse women artists and their contributions to the art scene of Porto. The group of artists consists of a diversity of fine arts, art studies, musical and performance professionals who work on topics such as materiality, identity and wanderings.

They represent diversity through their different creatives processes and disciplines, but also with the different social, cultural and academic background of their creations. As the artists are taking inspiration from the local environment of Porto, this project is also a reflection of the structures, shapes and sensations of the local natural world.

Serena Barbieri, Celia Lostrego, Desirée Desmarattes, Shannon Lawn, Melissa Rodrigues
Curated by: Inês Barbosa / Desirée Desmarattes – Interstruct Collective

08 – 15 MAR 2019
Opening: 08.03 – 19:00 pm

OKNA – Espaço Cultural

Rua Igreja de Cedofeita 27, 4050-306 Porto (Portogallo)


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