“Meccaniche” is a series of painting that I started in late 2021. The canvases have sizes of 146 x 97 cm and 116 x 81 cm, all of them made with acrylic paints.

Getting my degree in biology has been one of the greatest satisfactions of my life.

The scientific side is still part of me and it is thanks to this attitude that I have always realized and characterized my works.

Since I am painting I find my self inside a two dimensional discourse closer to the schematic illustrations, for example, of molecular systems and machines.

The shapes I use are basic geometric shapes, they belong to everyone, what interests me is to create series of systems in which these elements are in balance with each other, that form logical visual sequences.

The black background in he geometric figures are fixed and vibrate wants to recall the impressions obtained using some scientific tools such as the electronic microscope and x-rays.

Some of these works have been acquired from private collections and others are available at Galerie Estelle Lebas, La Passerelle 20 Rue du Port – 59320 Haubourdin (FR) and Galerie de l’Hermitage, 1 place de l’Hermitage 62520 Le Touquet (FR).


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